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Waxing - Today's Hottest Fashion Trend

Today, there is no fashion trend rising in popularity faster than waxing to remove body hair. It is universally acknowledged as the wave of the future, as it leaves the body looking refreshingly clean, very sexy, and cutting edge in its daring. The Beehive of Beverly Hills, under the guidance of the legendary Nina, is a magnet for movie stars, fashion models, pop stars, famous athletes, and private individuals who just want to look beautiful. Nina is the paramount figure in Beverly Hills waxing because for thirty years she has developed cutting edge techniques, and even creates her own unique custom wax. Nina’s long experience in Beverly Hills waxing makes it the most pain-free process possible, with little of the redness that plagues customers of less knowledgeable salons.


Beehive of Beverly Hills Staff

Our Secret is Our Brilliant Staff

When it comes to Beverly Hills waxing there is no equal, as Nina’s staff all work under her close and expert supervision to ensure that your visit will be discreet, comfortable, and virtually without pain. Some customers find the experience so relaxing that they actually fall asleep during the waxing process! A recent Academy Award winner for Best Actress told Nina that she was “Beverly Hills’ best kept secret,” because when it comes to Beverly Hills waxing, the Beehive of Beverly Hills is truly without peers. This is why Nina’s celebrity clients advise one another to make a bee-line straight for the Beverly Hills Beehive, as Nina’s staff are by far the best trained and most experienced technicians working in Beverly Hills waxing. Nina’s clients also love that the Beverly Hills Beehive is only one block off Rodeo Drive, so that after their waxing session they can have fun shopping at the most fabulous fashion stores in the world.  


Beverly Hills Waxing results from the Beehive

How Waxing Can Change Your Life

So why stay in the stodgy traditional past when Nina’s Beverly Hills waxing makes women feel more attractive, sensuous, and desirable than they have ever felt in their lives? You'll want to read more about Nina's waxing techniques on our Waxing Procedures and Techniques page.


As for men, Nina's clients insist that their wives and girlfriends are thrilled with their new look, as the women find their men are cleaner, much sexier, and wildly exciting without hair on their back, shoulders, buttocks, and chest. Many men find the response of their lovers so exciting that they return to have their arms and legs waxed as well. Learn more about the advantages of waxing for men on the Waxing for Men and Bodybuilders page.


Let the Beverly Hills Beehive, the premier salon in Beverly Hills waxing, give you the look of tomorrow at a surprisingly low price. Be the first in your crowd to join the trend of the future, and you will be amazed at the effect on your social, sexual, and even business life.


 Waxing Prices*


Price List for Women

Eyebrows - $35

Forehead with Eyebrows - $35

Forehead - $18

Upper Lip - $10

Lower Lip - $8

Cheeks - $20

Chin - $10

Sideburns - $15

Nose - $35

Full Face - $100

Neck - $15

Breast Line - $15

Nipples - $10

Chest - $45

Underarms - $25

Full Arms - $65

1/2 Arms - $35

Hands and Fingers - $25

Fingers - $15

Regular Bikini (first time or after shaving) - $45

Regular Bikini - $35

Full Bikini (first time or after shaving) - $75

Full Bikini - Brazilian, Playboy or Custom - $60

Buttocks with Bikini - $30

Buttocks without Bikini - $35

Between Buttocks (extra) - $10

Stomach - $40

Stomach from Bikini Line - $10

Full Legs - $80-$120

Lower Legs - $35

Thighs - $55

1/2 Thigh - $35

1/4 Thigh  $20

Feet - $10

Toes - $10

Full Back - $40

Lower Back - $25

Ingrown Hair Treatment - $40-$65

Tinting - eyebrows/eyelashes - $25


Price List for Men

Eyebrows - $35

Ears - $25

Nose - $45

Neck (back) - $20

Neck (front) - $30

Chest - $50

1/2 Arms - $40

Full Arms - $65

Hands & Fingers - $25

Fingers - $15

Stomach with Chest - $35

Stomach without Chest - $45

Back - $65

Shoulders - $20

Lower Back - $35

Regular Bikini - $50

Full Bikini - $120

Buttocks - $55

Ingrown Hair Treatment - $40-$65


*Prices subject to revision